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The Seance

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you want to experience the atmosphere of a seance? Join us for a spooky experience where the many methods of our medium will attempt to summon our guests from the spirit world.

Whilst enjoying a sumptuous 3 course meal you will be drawn in to our immersive seance experience. 

Decide who is with us and who has passed.

All interactions are for entertainment purposes only

Aged 16+

Stoker Harry Palmer died in the First World War. He left no will and there are people laying claim to his estate. Only their ancestors know the truth, but they died long ago. Can we find the truth behind Harry's fortune? Or will the money and the deeds to his property be lost to the government?

The event will take place at Mannings Heath Estate, Hammerpond Road, Mannings Heath, Horsham on Friday 27th October at 7:30pm

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